Lamp Recyclers welcomes you to recycling!

Lamp Recyclers are an innovative recycling team focused on fluorescent tubes, globes and batteries.

What makes us unique? Australian owned and operated. In-house design and engineering team committed to our environment at every level. We take great pride in nothing going to landfill. We have decades in the Industry. The technology we use is best in class and is both Australian developed and hand-picked from around the globe. We are full-service recycler with in-house Mercury processing.

We enjoy keeping our earth clean. We have high standards. If that sounds like you - let's do this together!

We process everything in Australia from EVERY state and territory and it's 100% recyclable. Our commitment is to keep mercury out of land-fill.

Our Product Range is detailed under Products, we have made it easy by categories of small, medium and large. We also have a complete range of steel stillages for commercial-scale projects. click here for the contact page and inquire about our per kg bulk rates for these projects.

Did you know? One fluorescent tube contains 5mg of Mercury (Hg), enough to pollute 30,000 litres of water.