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Lamp Recyclers are an innovative design-recycle team all-Australian owned and run, making our services streamline with a focus on the environment at every level.
All of Lamp Recyclers end-of-life lamps are processed in accord with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 Schedule 1. Lamp Recyclers Hold EPL #21291.


Lamp Recyclers holds the following Licenses NSW Transport Exception #20380. Queensland Permit Number #EPSX02757414.
Once the end-of-life lamps have been consolidated and are ready for processing, they are fed directly into a crusher/processor that separates the glass, aluminium end caps and mercury-containing phosphor powder.

The phosphor powder is then placed into a distiller's vacuum chamber where heat and vacuum is applied, causing the mercury to vapourise. The organic particles carried by the gases are oxidised in the post combustion chamber prior to entering the highly efficient cooling traps, where the mercury condenses into liquid mercury. The four main elements recovered from end-of-life mercury -containing lamps are typically recycled as:

Lamp Recycling Process Feeding Tubes into the tube Crusher and SeparatorGlass - Concrete products, swimming pool render applications and bitumen

Aluminium - Aluminium ingots used in industry for a variety of applications

Phosphor Powder - Bulking agent for fertiliser

Mercury - Returned to the medical industry