National Price, Prepaid return via Australia Post, Ezy Recycling Solution


How It Works

Lamp Recyclers can now help you to comply with environmental standards, with our new Corflute Ezy-Return™ reply-paid lamp recycling packs. You simply fill the pack with your spent mercury-containing tubes/globes, seal the protective sleeve & container and lodge it at any Australia Post Office/Agent. Ezy-Return™ Recycling Products are available Nationally.

It's really that easy!

Ideal for:

Our range of Ezy-Return™ Recycling Products are ideal for small enterprises to assist in recycling their spent mercury-containing tubes/globes for recycling.

EZY-T Corflute Packs for Recycling 1-4 foot Fluorescent Tubes (Linear Tubes) 60 x 36W

EZY-ML Corflute Packs for Recycling Mixed Lamps (CFL/PL, Dichroic, HID, Low-Pressure Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Halogen) 12kg

EZY-STP Starter Pack for Corporate Office Environments

EZY-CUK Clean-Up Kit for safe handling of broken tubes and lamps (OH&S Compliant)

EZY-ST Additional Stands for multiple locations in Corporate Office Environments