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Lamp Recyclers is both a Collector and a Recycler of fluorescent tubes, globes and lamps.

We have 3 different systems of collection in our range that correspond to small, medium and large. To help - all we need to know is how many lamps you have and where they are located.

Small - Ezy-Return™ (Ezy-T, Ezy-ML)

Our range of Ezy-Return™ Recycling Products is ideal for small enterprises to assist in recycling their spent mercury-containing tubes/globes for recycling.

Lamp Recyclers can now help you to comply with environmental standards with our new Corflute Ezy-Return™ reply-paid lamp recycling packs. You simply fill the pack with your spent mercury-containing tubes/globes, seal the protective sleeve & container and lodge it at any Australia Post Office/Agent. Ezy-Return™ Recycling Products are available Nationally.

It's really that easy!

Medium - COLLECT Range (LT4, LT5 & ML)

The Collect range is designed to accommodate larger recycling packs that are collected from the site - useful for Facility Managers, hotels, corporate buildings and medium to large enterprises that want a set-and-forget system. Fill the recycling pack, send an email or call the number on the pack and we will collect it - included in the one low price. At the same time, we will deliver your new recycling packs. Set-and-forget.

Recycling Certificate is included free of charge.

Large - EZY-PAL (Ezy-PAL-T, Ezy-PAL-G)

The Ezy-PAL was designed to fit the need of major refurbishments to large buildings. It's the heavy lifter of the three solutions. Designed to accommodate over 1000 standard T8-4 tubes. If you have 5-foot tubes - no problem - order an LT5 alongside the Ezy-PAL.

For a mixed lamp/globe job the Ezy-PAL can handle 250kg.